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Fix your nails!

Postby Mikael » 2012-09-05 12:38:57, Wednesday

How do you paint your nails the best way :?:


The question I ask today is how to paint your nails, is there much to consider :?: If you would like to have two layers of paint and maybe a top layer, will it not just be a big smear on the nails :?: Usually it will smear when having more than one layer and it does not matter if you let it dry between the layers. It would be fun to get some hints here from a nail expert ;)

Here is a small nail guide

  1. Wash your nails thoroughly and paint the nails with a clear base layer paint first
  2. Then paint the color you want in the following manner, place the brush at the bottom of the nail and paint only a line in the middle
  3. Then paint a line on each side of the center line. Now, if your brush is narrow, it may be needed more brush strokes
  4. Now you can start painting the second layer before the first layer has dried, you do not need to wait until the first layer has dried completely
  5. Paint finally a top layer over the entire nail and allow to dry. Important to remember is that if you do not have a paint that dries quickly, it can take about 20 minutes for your nails to dry :!:
  6. Done
If I now turn to the experts out there, is this completely broken :?:
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