What does the moderator and VIP role mean?

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What does the moderator and VIP role mean?

Postby Mikael » 2012-08-31 16:16:07, Friday

Here is some information on what a moderator and VIP member is.

What is a moderator?

Imagine that there are hundreds of forums, lots of people are asking questions and someone needs to answer them all the time. Then you need members who can help and monitor this. Being a moderator means you get a few more opportunities to control the posts and put them at the right course. So you can move a thread to another forum if you do not think it fits. You can also mark a thread as resolved or closed, or delete posts. Note that it is important not to remove posts incorrectly. If in doubt then ask another moderator who has been with a little longer.

When you are a moderator you do a lot more than a standard member. Take a look at this. The things mentioned there is good to check out.

What is VIP?

VIP means "Very Important Person" and is just another term that we here in the fashion community use to describe the moderator role. In other words, you are little more important if you are a moderator ;)

The moderator decide his job

When you want to be active as a moderator is entirely up to you. The work effort you define yourself. The members are happy if you are engaged and active. They will be asking more questions and responding to more posts. You must not be a moderator all the time. It is just a title that your user get. Since not everyone can be moderators it goes to those members who are most active, and it will of course be changed from time to time. If you have once been a moderator then you are in the the circle of trust and that means it is extra easy to take back the title again.

How to become a moderator?

Anyone can become a moderator but it requires that you are serious and want to be an active member. A rule that is easy to follow is that if you are in the fashion community often and also do many posts the moderator / VIP role is something for you. Check the member list and sort by nummer of posts. Like this link does and if you are on first page you will know that you are very active. You can also check a members posts per day by clicking on a member name. If you have one posts / day and has been a member a few months it is considered to be very active. If you believe you can do alot of crap posts and be moderator, think again :x

Send a PM to one of the moderators and explain why you are looking for this title.

What more?

Of course I can not promise anything, but it is not impossible that all moderators might be invited to a small event, if you feel for it :lol:
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