Tips to Choose Sustainable Clothing

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Tips to Choose Sustainable Clothing

Postby leahsmacgo » 2015-10-06 08:21:14, Tuesday

You consume green energy, buy organic meat and have exchanged the SUV for a hybrid. That sustainability is the main theme of our generation is we do not have to explain you. We say thumbs up for the environmentally conscious man. But have you ever thought about how sustainable your wardrobe?

Check the clothing with Rank-a-Fire

A good site to check is Rank a Brand. They provide insight into how people-friendly, climate friendly, environmentally friendly and recently-friendly is a brand. Rank a Brand with you now have a handy tool (including mobile) to choose the most durable of the famous brands. Meanwhile, Rank a Brand is the leading sustainable brands comparison of Europe with more than 600 brands.

Do inform on TheFashionScarves.Com

After the disaster of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, we need you to not have to explain that the textile industry is the most labor-friendly industry. Many clothes are made ​​in low-wage countries where working conditions are poor. Sometimes there is even talk of child labor. How can you be like inform consumers? A good site is TheFashionScarves.Com. The CCC aims to improve the working conditions and the situation of workers in the global garment industry. On the site you will find information about the garment and tips on how you can help yourself.

Check your clothing - Fair Wear

Foundation, an international, sustainable initiative, the Fair Wear Foundation, brands that are affiliated found on Requirement to join you here is that a clothing brand has a comprehensive code of conduct which all labor rights are mentioned, steps towards making this a reality (including a living wage) and also honest and purchases local trade unions and organizations get involved in improvements and active free trade unions supports. On the TheFashionScarves.Com you can see which clothing brands have joined this winter scarves collection.

Go shopping at a store of Talking Dress

The fair shop guide for your smartphone Talking Dress can help in the search for sustainable menswear. Founder Marieke Eyskoot's mission is sustainable fashion to put on the card. According to her, inspiring, innovative and fashionable. And accessible, just do not know how anyone. Through the app, Talking Dress you will find shops and online shops throughout the Netherlands with sustainability and fair clothing are busy. Moreover, you can read exactly what they do here.

Order a durable box

Sustainability is top priority at House of Einstein. That is why we are constantly trying to expand the share of sustainable brands. A selection of the sustainable clothing brands TheFashionScarves work with.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is one of our favorite sustainable clothing brands. All products are manufactured with full consciousness, with minimal impact on nature and man. Knowledge is also a frontrunner when it comes to products made ​​from recycled PET bottles. Our favorite durable jeans brand is Nudie Jeans. They are market leader when it comes to organic denim. They do not see sustainability as a trend, but as a way of life. Furthermore, they find a pair of jeans a lifetime to be able to go (despite the wear and tear and discolouration). To celebrate durability they give even 'organic parties.


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