Discuss how to get more readers to your blog

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Discuss how to get more readers to your blog

Postby Mikael » 2012-11-19 12:00:06, Monday

Hey bloggers!

Now I have found the ultimate site to get more traffic. You really get alot of unique visitors ;)


This service is free but if you want extra help in order to build even more traffic, you can pay a little money to get some more cool stuff. This is perfect if you want to get a higher rating in all blog toplists. Something to keep in mind is to set how many visitors you want per hour and not take too much because then it looks weird, I think 5 or 10 per hour is good to start with. Of course, you can always test different values to get the most out of this :lol:

Click Here or on the image to check this out :D
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