Rules for modekampanjs various events

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Rules for modekampanjs various events

Postby Mikael » 2013-12-14 14:02:37, Saturday

Hello friends and curious newcomers :!:

If you do not come when you said yes to the e-mail invitation you have to get in touch or you will be expelled from the group. Cancellation is via phone or email.


Modekampanj is the largest fashion community in Sweden and we hope to be big in the world too. We organize every month at least one event (Sweden). All are welcome! Fashion Freaks like ordinary people. Limited places but if we get many before RSVP date we can make a bigger tour. if you are uncertain to if you come. DO NOT say yes to the event invitation, THANKS :!:

We must now raise the serious level of our events because more and more people want to be involved. Everyone does not have Facebook and it's easy to miss it. We have now created an email group instead.

  • If you have not received an email about an invitation to an event, get in touch and I will add you to the group.
  • Everyone pays for themself during the events, Modekampanj manages the bookings, and help you meet new and exciting friends.
  • When you know that you can come, then say YES as soon as possible for a guaranteed spot.
  • The events is free to attend but help is appreciated.
  • Membership is free in the fashion community, please contact me for a VIP-code so you can become a member.
  • We're not just talking fashion at these events, so was not worried about that.
  • Facebook events is only for getting new members to our group.

I know there are many who do not want or feel the need to participate in this forum. Take it easy, this is not a requirement but we spend quite a lot of time on these events completely free and really appreciate if you reply to a post on the event you go on.

Why :?: Mostly because we want to attract more people and it's fun to hear what you think about an event that we've had or will have soon. Do not hesitate to ask me if you would like to know more about how a forum works. I am happy to help you out.

If you want to participate or have questions, do not hesitate to mail me at [email protected] or call me on 0737-317 664.

Thank you for reading this information! I hope you will enjoy your stay. See you at the next event :D
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