What is modekampanj? + Spread the word!

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What is modekampanj? + Spread the word!

Postby Mikael » 2012-09-02 16:47:43, Sunday

Hi all fashion-inspired members!

Here is a 1-10 list of the best blogs / websites that spread the word of our fashion forum and fashion shop. Number one is of course the best ;)

This is appreciated enormously and is important for the community to grow :!: I will go on the content quality and how new the blog posts are, newer is better. Each person can only be in the list once and if you have made several posts, I'll take the best post :ugeek:

If you see or have a blog or website yourself that should be included here please send a PM to me and I will put it in this list

  1. PM me please


Here is a list where we are, be sure to check out these useful links:

  1. Store - Here you can click to buy clothes
  2. Facebook group - Here you can become a member if you just want to talk to you about anything
  3. Facebook Page - Here you can become a member via a like to take part of fashion information and news
  4. Fashion Forum english - Find information and talk about fashion
  5. Fashion Forum swedish - Find information and talk about fashion
  6. The film - a budjet youtube movie about the fashion community with good music

A lot of swedish bloggers have done great posts about our fashion forum in sweden so I hope we will get some support in this forum too.
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