Make-up your children?

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Is Make-up ok for toddlers?

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Make-up your children?

Postby Mikael » 2012-09-04 11:36:00, Tuesday

Makeup - Harms your baby or what?

Hi, what I would like to know and have an answers to this time goes by the type makeup for children. What do you think :?: Is it right to make-up your toddlers? Children are children, a photo of a child should reflect the child's own look and personality not hide behind makeup or highlight it :?:


There's child models and it is ok to show up to advertise for clothes, toys, etc. A child should be childish and not an adult. I do not think makeup or posturing belong around children.
Why do some children need makeup? Is the child is ugly in all its naturalness? Or is it that you want to highlight the beautiful features of a child :?: This just feels sick :!:
It must be hard to teach your children that looks are unimportant when the world believe that it is there and you yourself deep inside also seems / might think that. But it must surely be worth a try :?:

This is a pretty hot topic and it would be interesting to hear what you think, as usual, please vote, but it's even better with a comment or two.
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