Important: Forum rules / Read before you post

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Important: Forum rules / Read before you post

Postby Jenkler » 2012-08-28 07:50:45, Tuesday

Welcome to the fashion community all happy members!

Here are some standard rules that everyone must accept so we can make a nice forum together. These rules are general and apply everywhere ;)

Important fundamental rules
* All forms of pornography and nudity is prohibited in the fashion community
* Forbidden to disseminate or link to copyrighted material
* Hate speech is of course absolutely forbidden


General good manners
* Being nice to the other forum members is important. Treat them the same way you want to be treated and show respect for other people's perceptions.
* Follow the topic. Is the thread about "Investigations" then you should discuss about it and not about "A nice house". Create a separate thread otherwise the post may be removed by a moderator.
* Make posts in English. Posts in other languages ​​will be deleted by a moderator. Use "google translate" if you dont understand.

Searching for information
* Use the search function in the fashion community to find information. Check that no one has already done a post with the same subject or content.
* If a new thread is created that already exists, it should be with a different focus or be unique. Please continue in the existing thread, otherwise the thread may be locked by a moderator :|
* In other words. Are you going to write about "Cool outfits" and there already is almost an identical post, continue in it. Do not start a new thread.

* Do not copy big articles or major texts in full from other sites. Just add a link instead or the thread may be locked and / or deleted by a moderator.
* When you link to external content, do not forget to write what the article is about and leave your own comment.

* If you recommend a business, products or services, it is important to explain why. Do not just write something like "You become rich"

* To advertise for your own profit or drive traffic is absolutely forbidden. If you break this rule a moderator may lock your thread / account or ban your account :twisted:

Clear headings
* The title of a topic should be clear and explain the thread content. Much like a brief summary of what the thread is about. Vague titles may be changed by the moderator.

Do you find anything missing or unnecessary. Feel free to create a thread here
Best Regards
/Modekampanj team

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